Daily Sports Bets- 4/5/2017

Career record- 0-0


I got some sports picks I can all but guarantee for you guys, and I will cover you losses if I am wrong.

Here they are

  • Miami Hear +2.5

No way Miami is going down without a fight as they are playing for a playoff spot and I like them to cover at this spread

  • Boston Celtics -4

Lebron has pretty much said this game and the entire regular season does not matter to him. No Tristan Thompson, plus I feel like Celtics are going to try and make a statement bringing to the Cavs as the playoffs are approaching.

  • Golden State Warriors -9.5

This one is simple: Do not bet against the Warriors right now!

  • Memphis Grizzlies -1

OKC is going to come out flat after last nights emotional game, I like Memphis to cover at home.

PS: I am not actually going to cover your losses but here are my picks.


Author: Tuffe

Sports Blogger

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